Creating Future
MICE Leaders

With support from domestic and overseas education institutes, MICE Capabilities is adding up human capitals into the talent 

reservoir of MICE Industry via curriculum, education programs, and exchange programs as well as career opportunities that usher them onto the path of exciting professional dreams while enabling MICE Industry’s expansion with groomed, talented resource that will keep brightening the future of the Industry.

  • Towards Becoming the MICE Education Hub of ASEAN
    After collaborating with academic clusters and key industry partners in creating the world’s first MICE curriculum or “MICE 101” introduction to MICE industry which has, so far, been adopted by more than 109 academic institutions. 

    MICE Capabilities has worked with Event Management Association in creating “Event 101” as well as with Thai Exhibition Association on “Exhibition 101” curriculum which reveal in-depth content for education instructors, students, and aspiring event professionals.
  • Coach The Coaches Programs For MICE Industry 
    More than 1,000 education Instructors have received trainings from MICE gurus with years of experiences in various MICE fields under " Coach the Coaches Program for MICE Industry." They have now formed the largest MICE instructor community inthe world, ready to impart the knowledge they have learned onto tens of thousands of students, the future MICE professionals, across Thailand.
    We are moving ahead to drive the MICE industry forward with a strong intention to create opportunities for new generation MICE professionals. With wide range of knowledge and interesting career path, MICE Academy and Career Day come with an expectation to attract students, teachers, personnel and MICE businesses to offer opportunities to those target groups. Providing MICE job opportunities from MICE association members to exhibit, and recruiting new graduates, and setting forum for MICE students to underst and more about job requirements, MICE Career Day project has plan to create new generations of high-quality MICE professionals with up to 5,000 university graduates and 1,000 college graduates by the 2020 academic year. The event was launched in 2014, and has been conducted every year. We have a plan to expand it to
    5 regions such as Northern, Southern, West, East and Northeast region.
  • Future MICE Leader Program
    Special programs such as Young MICE Professional Camp, Student Exchange Program, MICE Youth Challenge, MICE Student Chapter & Boot Camp, and Thailand MICE Youth Challenge have adorned students with new skills, networks, and opportunities and prepare them to enter MICE workforce.

    Vocational School Development Project
    MICE Capabilities has joined MICE chapter of Joint Public and Private Sector Consultative Committee for Vocational Training Development, appointed by Education Minister in 2015, and has co-developed curriculum and training projects. More curriculum will be launched soon.  
MICE Academic Cluster Alliances

MICE Capabilities has been extending our academic networks across the country and around the world. 106 domestic education institutes, comprising 62 universities and 44 vocational colleges, are teaching MICE. A MICE Academic Cluster has been created with our education partners in the northern, north eastern, central, and southern regions. MICE Capabilities has also partnered with 49 education institutes in eight countries, namely Australia, China, Germany, Japan, Hong Kong, Korea, Taiwan, and the U.S.A.
MICE Student Chapter

MICE Capabilities has created bilateral “Co-operative Education” with education institutes and MICE operators, out of which MICE students can receive career opportunities from the participating operators. We have also initiated “MICE Student Chapter,” also known as “Future MICE Leader” (FML) program, which grooms and fosters skills and potentials in students who would join such activities as MICE Youth Camp.
The First International MICE Conference And Forum
In 2018, MICE Capabilities launches the inaugural International MICE Conference and Forum in Bangkok. This first-of-its-kind sharing platform will shine a spotlight on young graduates, undergraduates and MICE professionals, to encourage them to present their papers and share their experiences that could lead to future developments and new initiatives.

Academic Exchange Program
The MICE Academic Exchange Program will give lecturers, students and researchers a chance to gain new insights into the international MICE industry, by working with overseas partners to broaden Thailand’s MICE curriculum and to raise standards of excellence in the industry.
  • Achira Kuppritpiboon
    Senior Executive
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