2022 Certified Incentive Specialist (CIS) - Sold out!
June 1 - July 1, 2022

Enhance your career by becoming a Certified Incentive Specialist, the entry level education program for emerging professionals and junior executives offered by SITE. Learn the fundamentals of the incentive travel industry and achieve a higher understanding of the marketing and sales part of the business. No need to have previous experience. 


SITE is the only global organization dedicated to linking professionals in the incentive travel and motivational events industry with corporate leaders seeking improved performance through these experiences. SITE provides resources that prove possible that highly motivated individuals and teams reach the highest levels of workplace performance. Motivational experiences including travel and events serve as a powerful business tool to unlock and reward human potential needed to achieve corporate objectives and drive measurable business results.




– To attract International events and promote the city as a Destination through new networks.


– To attract more high end consumer groups in commercial business 


– Stimulate comprehensive development of local SMEs and other industries


– To Raise the bar on competency and competitiveness by elevating the quantity and quality of professionals in the motivation experiences and incentive travel industry.


Register Now: https://epayment.businesseventsthailand.com/service/7