Leading the Sustainability
While the whole world is concerning unsustainable economic, social and environment, TCEB shares the same sentiments and aligns its commitment to responding to global concern. MICE Capabilities Department has launched sequel strategies to educate, encourage and transform the Thai business events industry through sustainability concept by enhancing the increased knowledge, standard adoption and demand of sustainable business events practices. The aim is to develop Thailand to be a leading international sustainable MICE destination that catalyzes global sustainable growth.
  • Sustainability Awareness Raised

    TCEB has been championing sustainability in Thailand MICE industry for nearly 10 years, MICE Capabilities has rolled out various awareness raising activities including series of communication covers, seminars and forums, and community engagement projects such as Farm to Functions. Now the awareness is reached out to MICE operators and academic partners in more different areas in Thailand to show how MICE events can be sustainable and how sustainability can affect the environment, the society, and the economy.


    Thailand MICE Sustainable Event Management Standard (TSEMS)

    TCEB has developed Thailand Sustainble Event Management standard or TSEMS in order to provide framework for MICE enterperneurs throughout the value chain to compile various services related to sustainability and present to public. The Standard has adopted the known Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) Method as a standard framework. Certified MICE operators will gain competitive benefits in the regional and global markets.


    Farm to Functions
    TCEB has joined forces with MICE partners to launch ‘Farm to Functions’ project - a smart move for sustainable MICE encouraging MICE entrepreneurs to support organic agricultural products produced by local communities. This project helps to create a sense of responsibility toward the environment and society which is in harmony with global trends”.

    This is the first project in the world involving government and private sectors to support the economy of local communities. Like a bridge directly linking organic farms to kitchens in hotels and conference centers, Farm to Functions delivers healthy food to clients,
    thereby sharpening their competitive advantages and
    enhancing the public image of MICE entrepreneurs
    and Thailand as a whole.
  • The Food Waste Prevention
    Food is an integral element of business events where people come to spend their days and nights and consuming food as well as leaving waste behind. To truly create sustainable events, endorsed by United Nations Development Program (UNDP), MICE Capabilities and      LightBlue Environmental Consulting have introduced the first food waste prevention program. MICE operators will have to pass a nine-point assessment before being certified. Thai MICE entrepreneurs can calculate, manage and reduce the amount of waste. It also reduces the cost of catering services in conferences, seminars and exhibitions.
  • Sustainable Event Professional Certificate Program (SEPC)

    The SEPC program is designed to assist MICE operators in implementing their own sustainable events. In the program, participants have learned the value of sustainability for MICE industry, practical solutions for improving event environmental performance, and effective methods for achieving corporate social responsibility goals. In addition to Bangkok, The program is also extended to MICE cities and other cities which hold high potential in becoming the future MICE cities.

Thailand’s Roadmap to Sustainable Destination
  • 2008
    • Environment Management Survey
    • Green Meetings Seminar
    • Dedicated Green Meetings Team
  • 2009
    • Launched Green Meetings guideline
    • Green Seminar: Advancing the Future of MICE
    • Go Green’ Exhibition #1 (annual)
    • Green Meetings Website Launched
  • 2010
    • Go Green’ Exhibition #2 (annual)
    • Seminar: ISO50001 Cost & Benefits
    • Monthly Articles on Green Meetings Topics
    • Monthly Local Case Studies of Green MICE Players
    • Airport Link Marketing Support
  • 2011
    • Lean & Green Workshop
    • Green Meetings Member Program
    • Financial Support Program for MICE Events
    • Implement ISO50001 at major Bangkok Venues
  • 2012
    • Re-positioning to sustainability destination
    • Hosted Sustainability Thailand Seminar
    • Introducing ISO 20121
  • 2013
    • Thailand MICE industry goes Carbon Neutral
    • Hosted Sustainability Thailand Forum
    • Financial support for ISO 20121
  • 2014
    • Sustainable Master Plan for Thai’s MICE Industry
    • Financial support for ISO 20121
  • 2015
    • Sustainable Events Guidelines
    • Carbon Neutral Events Guidebook
    • Carbon Neutral Events support
    • Increase financial support for ISO 20121
    • MICE Sustainability Forum 2015
  • 2016
    • Farm to Functions
    • Host UFI Sustainability Development
    • MICE Sustainability Forum 2016
    • Awareness Building
    • Increase financial support for ISO 20121
  • 2017
    • Continue promote UN’s SDGs
    • Introduced ‘Food Waste Prevention’ program
    • Developed ‘Sustainable Event Professional Certification’
  • 2018
    • First Class of Sustainable Event Professional Certification
    • Developed Thailand Sustainable Event Management Standard: TSEMS
    • Participated Global Destination Sustainability Index
    • Supported Food Waste Prevention, Water Empowerment program
    • Supported Carbon Neutrals Events
    • Develop Online Sustainable Event Courses
    • Enable Food Waste Prevention Education & Parterships  
    • Supported Carbon Neutrals Events
  • 2019
    • Launch and Certify Thailand Sustainable Event Management Standard: TSEMS
    • Participate Global Destination Sustainability Index
    • Develop Thailand Sustainable Event Professional Course
    • Develop Food Waste Prevention Course
    • Support Food Waste Prevention, Water Empowerment program


    • Develop Responsible Food and Baverage Operations Course
    • Expand M&I Sustainbability Advocates Project
    • Partner with Sustainability skateholdes topromote carbon balance MICE and tourism


Subsidizing for More Sustainability

For MICE operators who wish to create sustainability while saving costs and resources, reducing wastes and carbon emission, and enhancing corporate image, TCEB provides supports to help make that happen.

Sustainability Knowledge Sharing via Guidebooks

MICE Capabilities has created such guidebooks as “Thailand Sustainable Events Guide” and “How to Organize Carbon Neutral Events”, both in Thai and English, which MICE operators and industrialists can download with no cost.

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